Version 2.4.7 (27-Oct-2013)
  • Fix icon drawing issues on Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

Version 2.4.6 (06-Jun-2013)
  • Fix bug preventing certain items in a catalog file from being searched
  • Application stability improvements — app crashers and potential catalog file issues resolved

Version 2.4.5 (11-Sep-2012)
  • GateKeeper support for Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8)
  • Fix intermittent freeze experienced by some users after saving documents on Lion/Mountain Lion
  • Fix undo scan disk behavior when using "Scan Disk" dialog box or drag-and-drop scanner
  • Save and restore disk label attributes - label name, presence on label list, and number of label copies - when updating a volume
  • Values set in label print tweak dialog box are now saved and respected when printing labels
  • Properly trap return key on "Set Starting Serial Number" dialog box
  • Deleting volume name in catalog window rename box properly clears the item's custom name
  • Full screen window height no longer creates windows that are taller than the height of the screen
  • Moving columns around now marks the file as needing to be saved

Version 2.4.4 (02-Aug-2011)

  • Add Danish localization
  • Use power-of-10 definition of kilo, mega, & gigabyte (not power of 2)
  • Support right arrow to expand and left arrow to collapse in the view hierarchy, with or without the command key (consistent with Finder view-by-list)
  • All items in catalog window now show their disk serial number
  • Remove 31-character limit from Export As TEXT dialogs
  • Use custom font/font size selection when printing from report window
  • Label Template Editor UI improvements
  • Smooth (anti-aliased) shapes in label template editor and when printing
  • Smooth (anti-aliased) text in label template editor, label printing, dialog boxes, and other windows
  • Label printing now uses rectangular label template, not round rectangle, since most labels are rectangular

Bug Fixes
  • Fix "Memory corrupt" error while scanning multi-session optical media (CD-ROM/DVD-ROM)
  • DiskTracker application can now be renamed and will still launch properly
  • DiskTracker application now appears in spotlight searches
  • Fix crash when dismissing rename box that was brought up by clicking
  • Fix possible crash after hiding invisible items
  • Fix crash when drilling out of empty folders
  • Fix slow page-up/page-down performance with lots of selections
  • Fix slow Select All performance
  • Export as TEXT "All Items" now shows all items rooted in currently visible directory
  • Fix failure when trying to open a catalog file with 444 permissions
  • Correctly match disks when using "Update" on offline volume
  • Fix crash after creating more than one folder in a directory using Item->New Folder
  • Fix bug where item isn't moved within the catalog when dragging from the root of one disk catalog to the root of another
  • Drag and drop between volumes now copies long file names
  • Fix "corrupt catalog" errors when importing some DiskTracker 1.x files
  • Fix overflowed file sizes when exporting to 1.x files
  • Fix issue where status bar/column headers are not drawn properly when opening certain catalog files
  • Properly show/hide second scroll bar when splitting/unsplitting catalog window
  • Fix "get creator from file" feature in general preferences
  • Fix "get creator/type from file" feature in search dialog box
  • Fix bug causing double-click and context menu to stop working after dragging item from catalog window
  • When exporting a report window with "all items" selected, do not export an empty list
  • Fix "out of disk space" error when saving a previously-saved item filter
  • Fix byte-flipped creator when saving exported as TEXT files
  • When exporting the contents of the search results window, properly respect the "sizes in bytes" checkbox
  • Fix redraw/visual glitches
  • Label Template Editor: Fix indeterminate state ("-") checkbox when template borders are turned on in label template dimensions dialog box
  • Fix bug that deletes contents of label template when using label template editor at the same time as label preview

Version 2.4.3 (15-Nov-2010)
  • Live resize and live scrollbars for search result/label list windows
  • Live resize and live scrollbars for label preview window
  • Live resize and live scrollbars for label editor window
  • Live scrollbars for get info window
  • Smooth fonts in dialog boxes and some other windows
  • Fix broken cancel button in "save label template before quitting" alert box

Version 2.4.2 (28-Jul-2010)

  • Smooth fonts in catalog window, report window, get info window, progress window, and splash window
  • User-selectable font size in Search Result window
  • Live window resizing and scrollbars for catalog window
  • Switch to numerical sorting in list
  • Shift click and command click now have the same meanings as elsewhere in Mac OS X
  • Shift-up/down-arrow extends selection in both catalog and report windows
  • Larger default window size for Search Result window
  • Add "[read only]" title bar text to indicate read-only files
  • Disallow item delete and move-to-trash when file is open read-only
  • Scan long file/folder names within .zip/.sit archives (longer than 31 characters)
  • Scan long archive names (longer than 31 characters)

Bug Fixes
  • Window Zoom box now works in a consistent manner with other Mac OS X apps
  • Fix crash when trying to zoom windows not in the foreground
  • Fix bug where master disk is required to be inserted when changing disk s/n or catalog name for disks which have catalog names set
  • Do not allow items to be drag & dropped into one of their descendants
  • Properly compute directory sizes with files larger than 2GB in them
  • Fix "Corrupt Catalog" error message when canceling catalog open part-way through
  • Fix intermittent error in column header arrangement when resizing columns
  • Improve disk identification intelligence when app asks for a disk to be located
  • Fix reversed characters when setting type/creator codes
  • Setting creator codes in Item Attributes now works properly
  • Fix "Find All" in catalogs with more than 32,000 items
  • Automatically filter out Time Machine folders when scanning
  • Remove vestigial "Get Finder Info..." and "Sharing..." items from Item menu
  • Drag an item to the trash now properly triggers Move to Trash
  • Keyboard alternatives including the shift key now trigger properly
  • Fix intermittent view corruption when typing inexact name into catalog window with more than 32,000 visible items
  • Fix redraw glitch affecting control borders in label template editor when activating Label Template Editor window
  • Reverse initial item selected when pressing up/down arrow with nothing selected in both catalog and report windows (consistent with OS X Finder)
  • Switch from "K" to "KB" for showing sizes in kilobytes
  • Do not show partial search results when canceling search operation
  • Countdown in shareware reminder screen now updates properly
  • Fix crash when opening some dialog boxes with no catalog window opened (for instance, Preferences...)

Version 2.4.1 (04-Jan-2010)
  • Snow Leopard: Fix incorrect dates when scanning some volumes, files, and folders
  • Snow Leopard: Fix intermittent crash when scanning disks
  • Snow Leopard: Fix intermittent disabled "Scan" button in "Scan Mounted Volume" dialog
  • Fix intermittent crash while searching empty volumes
  • Fix intermittent crash when doing a "go to parent" from a empty directories
  • Fix intermittent disabled UI elements after scanning volume
  • Allow sort order to be reversed by clicking on "Scanned Date", "Serial Number", "Disk Label", and "Free Space" column headers

Version 2.4 (22-May-2008)

New Features
  • Universal Binary version
  • Scan into .zip, .sit, and .sitx archives
  • Allow decompression from .zip, .sit, and .sitx archives
  • Allow compression into .sit and .sitx archives
  • Catalog window contents can now be sorted on the contents of any column

Bug Fixes
  • Icons now consistently draw properly on Leopard
  • Correct icons and item kinds are now returned far more often
  • Properly color icons according to label color
  • Exported text file name now has correct .txt extension
  • Allow initial serial numbers greater than 9999
  • New "Scan Mounted Volume" media selector dialog box
  • Decrease scroll wheel sensitivity
  • Correctly handle left/right scrolling on scroll wheel/ball
  • Fix -36 scan errors when trying to scan server volumes with insufficient privileges
  • Fix hang when scanning folders with more than 32,000 items
  • Fix "Find" dialog date pickers to work with scanned date or modification date criteria types
  • Improve corrupt catalog file handling
  • Improve responsiveness when clicking column headers to change sort order
  • Fix broken Item filter edit dialog box
  • Fix "Edit Parameter" dialog date pickers to work correctly
  • New system to identify media during update process makes process more foolproof
  • Allow cancellation of scan process from the "names match" or "dates match" alert boxes
  • Add "Force Update" button to "disk is already scanned" dialog box
  • Properly present user interface to ask for permission to update disks when using batch scanner
  • Fix scan error causing some files to be omitted from some StuffIt archives
  • Fix possible crash during label printing
  • Fix possible catalog corruption causing catalog window to open blank
  • Fix possible crash when closing search report window
  • Fix 100% processor utilization after clicking path pop-up button in catalog window
  • Fix potential crash when application starts up
  • Eliminate Mac OS X-irrelevant "Faster batch scanning (disables "Stop" button)" checkbox in General Preferences
  • Fix potential crash when scanning corrupt self-extracting .sea archives
  • Fix minor visual glitches

Version 2.3.3 (24-Jan-2006)
  • Fix bug causing DiskTracker to not launch properly on some installations of Mac OS X Tiger (10.4).
  • Update user manual/read me with correct installation instructions.

Version 2.3.2 (28-Jul-2005)
  • Fixed crash when viewing search result or Get Info windows in Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).
  • Add option to include file sizes as bytes when exporting to TEXT.
  • Clarify text in "Delete Item" confirmation alert box.
  • Remember state of "Print All", "Print Selected", or "Print Visible" selection in Print dialog.
  • Fixed issue where Paste function did not behave properly when used in the item name edit box.
  • Fixed silent failure when scanning PowerFile MediaFinder X changers on Mac OS X 10.3.9.
  • Fixed misleading error alert when canceling a print job from the Search Result Window.
  • Fixed issue where item name edit box would appear when pressing up or down arrow key immediately after selecting an item.

Version 2.3.1 (23-Jun-2004)
  • DiskTracker can now natively scan PowerFile MediaFinder X changers in Mac OS X.
  • "Clear" item of "Edit" menu (and "delete" key) can no longer be used to put items in the trash, in order to prevent accidental deletion of files.
  • Dotfiles (files whose name starts with a '.') are now marked initiailly invisible when scanning.
  • Added "Minimize Window" command to the View menu and adjust command-key mappings.
  • Finder label menu returns for users of Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther).
  • New ".dtc" file extension allows catalog files with missing type information to be opened.
  • Fixed issue where incorrect sizes are reported for some disks scanned with DiskTracker for Mac OS Classic.
  • Improved handling of disks with unspecified creation dates.
  • Fixed crash when using "Set Item Note..." command from the search result window.
  • Fixed crash when using catalog window split bar.
  • Fixed crash when setting disk label templates from the "Disks to be Labeled" window.
  • Fixed corrupt memory message after aborting a disk update and starting another.
  • Fixed issue where Search Result Window cannot be printed with DiskTracker for Mac OS X.
  • Fixed intermittant failures of software to correctly detect disk types for disk images, CD/DVD disks, file servers, and Audio CDs.
  • Name edit box now closes properly when mouse scroll wheel is used.
  • eDoc manuals included with Mac OS classic version of DiskTracker no longer have bottoms of pages cut off.
  • Fixed multiple-monitor issues and other redraw glitches.

Version 2.3 (06-May-2003)

New Features
  • Added support for long filenames (longer than 31 characters) in file, folder, and volume names.
  • Added size in bytes to Get Info windows.

Bug Fixes
  • Batch scanner now reads all partitions of a multi-partition disc.
  • Fixed intermittent crash when printing disk labels.
  • Fixed intermittent crash while performing "Export to TEXT".
  • Application no longer crashes after dismissing error dialog box during file-open.
  • Cut/Copy/Paste now work properly in catalog list "rename item" field.
  • Carbon version now correctly uses Page Setup settings when printing labels.
  • Carbon version now correctly supports drag-and-drop scanning of discs to application icon.
  • Intermittent crash in item filter while deleting last item in filter.
  • 1-character file names now properly print on disk labels.
  • Re-opening files no longer produces an empty window in classic Mac OS.
  • Disk images are now detected properly in Jaguar.
  • Fixed redraw glitches and bugs that might affect stability.
  • Fixed redraw glitches.

Version 2.2.2 (22-Jul-2002)
  • Fixed potential crash when deleting volumes from the catalog
  • Fixed crash when dragging "selection box" off of the bottom of the search result window
  • DiskTracker no longer scans the volume twice when using "Batch Scan Disk" and the DiskTracker Extension
  • Fixed potential crash when clicking in the content area of a progress bar window
  • Fixed behavior under older versions of Mac OS that causes DiskTracker's top-most window to disappear after putting the application in the background
  • Cut/copy/paste now work properly in Mac OS X application
  • Fixed crash on startup on pre-Mac OS 8 machines missing the Appearance Manager extensions
  • Fixed crash while printing labels using certain label templates
  • Mouse scroll wheel now works the proper way in label template editor
  • Unsaved imported catalog windows no longer closed when opening files
  • Fixed several redraw glitches

Version 2.2.1 (16-Apr-2002)
  • Fix crash when printing labels from Mac OS X
  • Added disk serial number to "locate volume" dialog
  • Removed ugly grey "squares" around icons in hierarchy menu in Mac OS X version
  • Fixed potential crash when clicking in catalog windows
  • Fixed potential crash when activating windows
  • Internationalization fixes
  • Fixed several redraw glitches

Version 2.2 (07-Mar-2002)

New Features
  • Mac OS X compatible version
  • Numerous User Interface improvements
  • Update DiskTracker to be Appearence Manager compliant
  • Batch scanner now scans all partitions/sessions of inserted disks/CD-ROMs
  • Search Result Window can be reverse-sorted

Bug Fixes
  • Fix crash when editing the first item in an item filter list
  • Correct file sizes are scanned for files larger than 2GB
  • Fix crash when selecting "New Catalog" when search result window is frontmost
  • Fix incorrect "cancel" button behavior on "Save Document Before Quitting" alert
  • Fix crash when working with "WindowShaded" catalog windows
  • Fix intermittant crash when pasting pictures and other items into Label Template Editor
  • It is now possible to cancel a sort on really big search results without being forced to wait for a while
  • Scroll bar is positioned and sized correctly in catalog and search result windows containing large numbers of items
  • Fix crash when working with empty disks to be labeled list window
  • Fixed potential crash in Finder comment scanner
  • Localization improvements
  • Fix numerous redraw glitches
  • A number of other bugs resolved

Version 2.1.1 (19-Apr-2001)
  • New PowerFile DVD Jukebox scanner.
  • Fixed bug where controls in the "Find Using Filter dialog box occasionally appear incorrectly greyed-out.
  • Fixed DiskTracker Extension crash when a "Scan New Disks Into" catalog file is not specified and an unrecognized disk is unmounted. Fixed unexpected quit/crash on some systems when clicking "More Choices" or "Fewer Choices" in the "Find" dialog box.
  • Fixed bug causing DiskTracker, on some systems, to have difficulty locating its support folders ("Label Templates", "Label Sheet Layouts", "Item Filters").
  • Fixed bug where blank labels are printed by some printers.
  • Fixed intermittent crash when using command keys with no windows open.
  • Catalog, search result, and get info window scroll bars now work correctly when there are more than 32,000 visible items in the windows.
  • Fixed intermittent crash when scrolling to the end of the window after option-clicking the hierarchy triangle on a top-level item.
  • Fixed intermittent crash when scrolling to the end of the window after showing hidden items.
  • Fixed bug causing registration codes to be invalid for users with registration names longer than 40 characters.
  • Fixed "flashing" dialog item command-key hints on MacOS 9.1 when DiskTracker is in the background and the command key is held down.
  • "Hide Item" in the contextual menu no longer does "Get Info ".
  • Added warning when trying to print a disk label with no assigned label template.
  • Tweaked positioning of catalog windows opened from disk.
  • Added static text reminder to "Export As TEXT" dialog box reminding users how to set which data fields are exported.
  • Fixed several user manual inconsistencies.
  • Fixed several spelling errors and redraw glitches in DiskTracker application and extension.

Version 2.1 (21-Dec-2000)

New Features
  • Multi-parameter "Find" dialog box allows searches to contain multiple criteria without requiring an item filter
  • Updated look for "Find Using Filter" and "Find Duplicates" dialog boxes
  • Scanned file servers are automatically remounted when required for launching, revealing, or other Finder actions
  • Added "Search Within Selected Items" mode in search dialogs
  • Faster disk updater doesn't rescan StuffIt or Compact Pro archives that have not changed since the last scan
  • After cancelling a search partway through, the partially-found list of matches is shown
  • Disk serial number is now shown in Search Result Window and Disks To Be Labeled window lists and info panels

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed crash when doing duplicate item search with item filter that returns no items
  • Fixed crash when a volume being scanned by the application auto-scanner is unexpectedly unmounted
  • Fixed odd behavior/crashing when SRW contains more than 32k results
  • Fixed intermittant crash when doing "Copy Item Path" from Search Result Window
  • User-set disk type is now preserved by DiskTracker Extension across disk updates
  • Bundle resources updated to prevent potential loss of file icons
  • Adjusted default width for size and date column headers

Other Changes
  • Improved performance of search result "sort" by 1.25-2x
  • Increased default memory partition to 4000KB; minimum memory is 1500KB
  • Conflict Catcher/Extensions Manager "about" text added to DiskTracker Extension

Version 2.0.3 (24-Oct-2000)
  • Attempting to print labels while "Disks to be labeled" window is frontmost no longer causes crashing
  • Large improvements in stability when scanning volumes as well as reading and saving large catalog files
  • File name now appears correctly when opening a read-only DiskTracker 1.x file
  • Sort order can now be changed when the catalog window is not scrolled all the way to the left
  • "Set Item Attributes" is no longer enabled when more than one item is selected
  • Disk scanner preference settings such as archive scanners, comment scanner, and version number scanner all now correctly affect the Extension's disk scanner
  • "Delete..." button in "Edit Item Filter" dialog box now works
  • "Delete..." button in "Edit Item Filter" dialog box hilites correctly when creating/deleting/saving filters
  • Fixed several spelling errors in application and manual
  • Entering item names with option-characters in the rename box now works correctly

Version 2.0.2 (03-Apr-2000)
  • StuffIt archive compression/decompression features now work under MacOS 9
  • DiskTracker will now look for a preferences file in the application folder before looking in the System Folder; this allows customization of specific DiskTracker installations
  • Fixed freeze when an item in an archive is dragged on top of itself
  • Fixed bug with FileGuard extension that forced DiskTracker to open all files read-only
  • Disk updater now preserves disk type set by user
  • Application no longer steals all of the processor time after the mouse is clicked in the menu bar
  • Fixed redraw glitch when dragging multiple items around in the label template editor
  • When opening label templates in the label template editor, scroll bars are now set to the correct range
  • Label template editor no longer makes an item inaccessable when it is dragged out of the label drawing area
  • Label template editor scroll bars are updated when items are dragged around in the label template editor
  • Fixed bug in label template editor that prevented the "Save" button from becoming enabled after using arrow keys to nudge an item

Version 2.0.1 (07-Mar-2000)
  • Fixed intermittent unexpected crash when searching for duplicates
  • Background disk scanners now work properly
  • Fixed "software no longer supported" error, appearing on 10-Mar-2000 on some copies of DiskTracker 2.0
  • Fixed -49 error when saving over a DT 1.x file that has been opened
  • Fixed bug where file is saved as 2.0 file the second time it is saved after being saved as a 1.x file
  • Fixed bug in nagware counter where zero seconds is sometimes skipped, thereby not allowing the software to be run
  • Fixed bugs in volume sort order: descending sort order is now saved, and menu is checked correctly

Version 2.0

DiskTracker Extension
  • Automatically scan new volumes to a specified catalog
  • Automatically update volumes in specified catalogs
  • Disks scan on eject, unmount, and shutdown, whether or not the DiskTracker application is running
  • Preferences set through "DiskTracker Extension Preferences" dialog box in DiskTracker application
  • Set a disk filter (similar to an item filter) to choose which disks the extension will scan
  • Choose modifiers to hold down to temporarily disable the DiskTracker Extension

Scanner Improvements
  • StuffIt 5.0 archive scanner
  • Optional comment scanner records Finder comments
  • Optional version number scanner records file version numbers
  • Convenient "Update Volume" command allows selected volumes to be updated by choosing "Update Volume" from the Scan Menu
  • Option to make invisible items hidden during scan saves sanity

Drag and Drop
  • Drag a disk from the Finder to scan it
  • Remove a disk from a catalog by dragging to the trash
  • Copy disks between catalogs by dragging
  • Copy or move items within DiskTracker catalogs by dragging them onto other items within DiskTracker or the Finder
  • Delete items by dragging them to the trash
  • Drag items out of StuffIt archives to decompress them (requires the StuffIt Engine)
  • Drag items into StuffIt archives to compress them (requires the StuffIt Engine)

Catalog Editing
  • Edit item attributes within the disk catalog and have the changes be mirrored onto the actual item
  • Edit:
    • Item Name
    • File Type and Creator
    • Finder Label
    • Creation and Modification Dates
    • Finder Comments
    • Lock and Hidden atributes
  • New Item menu contains commands to edit items and their attributes
  • Assign Finder labels right from the Item menu
  • Put items in the trash
  • Delete items outright (bypassing trash)
  • Empty the trash
  • Create new folders
  • Get Finder info and edit sharing permissions

Interface Improvments
  • System 8-style list view improvements:
    • New, optional, greyscale appearance-style grid in catalog and search result windows
    • New MacOS 8-style icons
    • Dates optionally given in relative style (e.g., "Today", "Yesterday")
  • Hide Item command allows undesired items to be removed from view
  • Rename items via a Finder-like name edit box
  • Control-click on items for a contextual menu
  • Item Notes allows a comment to be attached to an item in the disk catalog; item notes are retained across disk updates
  • Menus rearranged and updated to be more intuitive
  • Option to set the first catalog serial number assigned
  • Preference dialogs overhauled substantially

Other Stuff
  • Large volume support; DiskTracker now supports volumes up to 2 terabytes, up from 4 gigabytes in DT 1.1.3/1.1.4
  • Option to choose on which volume the temporary DiskTracker data is stored
  • International localizability improved
  • Multi-user access allows several users to open the same DiskTracker catalog read-only
  • New "Name does not start with" and "Name does not end with" search terms
  • New disk types:
    • DVD-ROM
    • File Server
    • Disk Image
  • More than two columns supported in Label template file lists

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